Briefly in English

Briefly in English


Helsinki Pharmacy Students’ Association, YFK for short, represents the local pharmacy students. Our aim is to provide the students many kinds of activities and we warmly welcome foreign students to join!


The purpose of YFK is to

-          connect those who study pharmacy at the University of Helsinki

-          work for the benefit of our members

-          develop the teaching in pharmacy

-          keep track of research

-          maintain and promote the awareness and pastime of our members on professional and general aspects


To actualize its purpose the association

-          makes propositions and initiatives

-          arranges presentations and discussions, excursions, cultural and sports events and gatherings

-          practices publishing

-          provides scholastic handouts

-          stays in contact with other associations in Finland and abroad


The actions of YFK are carried through the executive board, each member having a specific area of expertise. You can find the list of the board members on the next section.



YFK has a clubroom in Viikki campus. It’s located in the first floor of Biocenter 2 (Viikinkaari 5). From the club room you can buy tea, coffee and some snacks. There is also the library cabinet where you can buy books, overall badges and other useful things.



Käärmeenpesä (Snakes’ nest in english) is YFK’s own apartment where we can organize our events, meetings and hang-outs. At the apartment we have a hall, lounge, well-equipped kitchen, bar and of course a big sauna. Käärmeenpesä is located in Sörnäinen part of Helsinki: Sörnäisten rantatie 33 C (4th floor) 00580 Helsinki.




Biokeskus 2

PL 56 (Viikinkaari 5)

0014 Helsingin yliopisto