The Executive Board of YFK

The Executive Board of YFK


Board members of YFK 2019:

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Sanna Artes

President presides the board meetings, monitors and guides the board and its members. In concert with the board members, Presidents’ mission is to see that the organization of the association works. Also, the President acts as a representative of YFK.



Sanne Keskimäki

Secretary is responsible for writing the records of board meetings and dealing with paperwork.



Ella Kälvälä (

Treasurer pays the bills, does the invoicing and supervises the financial interests of YFK. Treasurer also follows the realization of budgets and financial decisions.


Vice President of International Affairs

Simo Hintikka

Vice President of international affairs maintains YFK’s connections to international pharmacy student associations and coordinates international projects with the international committee. They also arrange some events for exchange students, and are a link between exchange students and YFK.



Karri Aalto

Host coordinates co-hosts and is often involved in planning and realization of parties.



Rosa Korander

Hostess takes care of food serving in different events and is involved in planning and realization of parties. Hostess also arranges the serving of buns during Shrove Tuesday, Sipis’ name day and when the new students arrive.


Chief Editor of MDS

Onni Kärnä (

Chief Editor of YFK’s magazine, MDS, runs the editorial staff and defines the general layout of the magazine. Chief Editor is responsible for the content and regular publication of MDS. Chief Editor is also involved in the lay out and planning the look of the magazine.


Vice President of Healthcare and Internal Affairs

Juuso Hänninen

Vice President of Healthcare and Internal Affairs is responsible for excursions and events in cooperation with different student associations and trade organizations. Vice President also represents YFK in the meetings of FSHS and FiPSA, is responsible for YFK’s medicine cabinet and organizes campaigns and events related to healthcare issues with healthcare and internal affairs committee.


Vice President of Education

 Salla Lahdentausta

The mission of Vice President of Education is to oversee that the education in the faculty of pharmacy is high-quality. Vice President develops the education together with student representatives of administration and with education committee.  If you have any opinions or suggestions related to our education, you can contact Vice President of Education!


Freshmen Coordinator

Nella Laurikkala

With freshmen committee, Freshmen Coordinator is in charge of all the activities for freshmen’s first year. Freshmen Coordinator takes also part in the tutor training and is alink between the freshmen and the board.



Oona Saranpää

Together with the library committee, Librarian organizes the library sercive in YFK clubroom in Viikki on Tuesdays and Thursdays 11.45-12.05. From the library cabinet you can buy for example books, overall badges and copy cards. Librarian also takes care of the joint book orders and the YFK table at the Pharmacy Fair.


Business Relations Coordinator

Daniela Wollstén

Business Relations Coordinator is responsible for the cooperation and advertisement agreements and is the advertisement manager of MDS.


Property and Environmental Affairs Coordinator

Lauri Antelo (

Property and Environmental Affairs Coordinator takes care of the state and upkeep of YFK’s properties and appliances and the acknowledgement of environmental issues in YFK’s actions.


Leasing Coordinator

Veera Lanu (

Leasing Coordinator coordinates and takes care of leasing of Käärmeenpesä. This includes answering emails about the leasing, agreeing about the lease, passing the key to the lessee and introducing Käärmeenpesä to new users.


Party Coordinator

Rasmus Huotari

Party Coordinator plans, coordinates and realizes parties, sitsit and events with party committee. Party Coordinator also collaborates with other student associations and organizes parties with them.



Kalle Manninen (

Publicist is responsible for informing the members of YFK. Publicist also maintains YFK’s membership register and email lists.


Culture Excursion Coordinator

Riina Laakso

Culture committee is responsible for offering YFK members different cultural experiences. The excursions are meant to encourage and activate the spontaneous culture interest of the members.


IT Coordinator

Jarkko Puharinen (

IT Coordinator maintains and develops the YFK website, is in charge of the job advertisements and coordinates online registration for events.


Theme Night Coordinator

Lauri Rentto

Theme Night Coordinator is responsible for organizing partner events (so-called theme nights) with different pharmaceutical companies.


Clubs and Sports Coordinator

Arto Iljin

Clubs and Sports Coordinator organizes different sports events and coordinates club activity.


Master of Ceremony

Joel Eeronheimo 

Master of Ceremony leads the singing at sitsit, singing nights and all occasions where signing is appropriate. The songs include drinking songs, patriotic marches, academical hymns and evergreens. Master of Ceremony is also responsible for the playlists at Käärmeenpesä, so if the music doesn’t appeal to you, you know who to blame ;)